Enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness and Developing Multi-lateral Strategy are key to Tackle Emerging Threats to Maritime Security

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DUBAI, UAE, April 28, 2010 - It was generally accepted that the areas with the highest threat of
pirate attacked are along the line from the Seychelles to the Maldives and
into the Mozambique Channel, but it is now clear that the Arabian Sea is
another area in which pirate attacks are now occurring and that the zone
within a triangle formed by Socotra, the Gulf of Oman and the northern
Maldives is now also a threat area.

The coalition of maritime forces is therefore more critical than ever
before to ensure security and stability in the region. The interception of
suspected pirates in the Somali Basin earlier this month was a good example
of what can be achieved with close cooperation between all maritime
stakeholders. The Sierra Leone-flagged tanker MV Evita was able to evade
attack by adopting industry recommended 'best management practices'.
Commander, CTF 151, Rear Admiral Bernard Miranda, Republic of Singapore Navy,
said: "Today's successful disruption operation was the result of close
cooperation and swift responses from many parties, including the merchant
ship MV Evita, the maritime organizations IMB and UKMTO, USS Farragut and the
EU NAVFOR Swedish MPRA. The pirates have become bolder and are attacking
ships further away from the Somali shores. This makes it even more important
for all stakeholders to play their role and work closely together to deal
with the piracy problem. What we witnessed today is a good example of how
this can be achieved."

According to Hassan M. Eltaher, (Retired) Chief Marine
Security Planning at Transport Canada "physical and technical security
measures in and around ports, ships as well as territorial and international
waters are a must to ensure the security and viability of sea lanes and
merchant marine interests. However, without adequate and timely intelligence,
the task of pre-empting attacks or criminal activities becomes costlier and
much more difficult."

In the Middle East, the Combined Maritime Forces aim to strengthen the
region's maritime capabilities and develop a multi-lateral strategy for
effective Maritime Security Operations. Enforcing regional and international
cooperation and collaboration is indeed a key factor in reducing the maritime
sector's vulnerability. It is critical, however, to also enhance Maritime
Domain Awareness in order to better identify and overcome the increasing and
changing threats to the region's maritime security.

IQPC Middle East's Maritime Security and Surveillance Summit
will provide a platform for benchmarking regional maritime security and
surveillance best practices. High-level speakers from Royal Bahrain Naval
Forces, United Arab Emirates Navy and Coast Guard, US Center for Naval
Analyses, Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping/NATO Shipping Center,
UK Maritime Trade Operations, Bahrain General Organisation of Sea Ports and
Dubai Customs will share regional and international maritime security
expertise and technology innovations.

The Middle East Maritime Security and Surveillance Summit will
take place between the 30 May and 2 June at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain and Gulf
Convention Center in Manama, Bahrain. If maritime security is on your agenda
for 2010 ensure that you join our panel of experts to enhance your knowledge
on the latest technologies and strategies available to combat threats to
maritime threats in the Middle East region.

Visit www.memaritimesecurity.com for updates.

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