NAVTEQ Puts Truvo's Local Business Listings on the NAVTEQ Map

By Navteq, PRNE
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Truvo to resell NAVTEQ Direct Access(TM) to local businesses wanting more exposure on the NAVTEQ map-used more than 100 million times a day by users worldwide

LONDON, January 26, 2011 - NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data
enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising around
the world, today announced it is collaborating with European business listing
leader Truvo to offer local businesses paid listings on the NAVTEQ map. The
NAVTEQ map is used more than 100 million times a day by users of
location-based products and services worldwide.

The agreement paves the way for NAVTEQ to integrate hundreds of thousands
of Truvo business listings on the NAVTEQ map, while Truvo becomes a reseller
of NAVTEQ Direct Access, which provides brands and businesses the opportunity
for even greater on-map exposure.

Truvo brings more than 800,000 local business customers in Belgium,
Ireland and Portugal the opportunity to appear in search results when users
perform category searches on devices using the NAVTEQ map. Nokia is the first
to publish the local business paid listings on Ovi Maps, the world's leading
free mobile navigation solution, giving small and medium sized businesses the
opportunity to be "found" by consumers who are searching for restaurants,
retail outlets, cinemas, petrol stations, etc. on Nokia handsets.

"The agreement makes it possible for us to provide our business listings
customers with a whole new way of marketing themselves via the strongest map
in the world," said Donat Retif, CEO, Truvo. "Their business listings will
now be viewed by mobile consumers who are physically positioned to go to
stores and buy their products and services."

"This is part of an ever-broadening effort to expand local search and
advertising opportunities for small and medium sized businesses," said Chris
, vice president, NAVTEQ Media Solutions. "It's enabling all
businesses, from small family-run businesses all the way on up to big brands,
to reach consumers right at the moment that they are searching for services."

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NAVTEQ is the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data
(digital location content) enabling navigation, location-based services and
mobile advertising around the world. NAVTEQ supplies comprehensive digital
location content to power automotive navigation systems, portable and
wireless devices, Internet-based mapping applications and government and
business solutions. The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and has
more than 5100 employees located in 212 offices in 48 countries.

About Truvo

Truvo, formerly World Directories is a leading international business
operating across five countries in the local search and advertising market
and has over 1400 employees.

The print and online platforms used by more than 10 million people each

Truvo creates value by providing an integrated portfolio of
cost-effective and simple-to-use advertising that connects buyers quickly and
efficiently with sellers. Truvo offers a range of complementary services, in
print, on-line, telephony and mobile, to assist the consumer in making
informed purchase decisions. Truvo currently operates in Belgium, Portugal,
Ireland and has interests in South Africa & Puerto Rico. More information on
Truvo can be found on

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