SDE has Completed the Construction of a new Model of Sea Wave Power Plant - an Upgraded and More Efficient Model Than its Predecessors

By S.d.e. Energy Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, August 21, 2011

TEL AVIV, Israel, August 24, 2011 -

The new, 11th sea wave power plant was completed, and proves itself as an improved version of previous models The power plant produces 1000 watt in 1 hour (with only one float). In this automatic model, only 10% of the total system is inside the water, a fact that minimizes the risks of damage in case of storms and other natural disasters. The float rise automatically when necessary to prevent risk.

The global warming in recent years showed the major need for green renewable energy.  The heavy heat waves, floods, melting icebergs and the many natural disasters that struck all the continents have created a situation that does not allow us continue to produce energy in ways that pollutes the globe and there is an urgent need for implementation of alternative energy production systems.

In addition, fuel prices skyrocketing by the day, the cost of an oil barrel today is about $ 100 and the rate is continuing to go up, a price that many power companies cannot afford and are forced to damage the power plants production as well as residents.

Former Shell Oil CEO John Hofmeister, recently said to the London magazine ‘The Independent’, if once the price per barrel was $ 5 the near future he will be more than $ 150. He added that the countries that will not be able to develop alternative sources of energy will go into bankruptcy. A prediction that becomes more likely when considering the countries of Africa and South America, where employment problems and hunger cause instability. If in the past, governments rose and fell on the prices of wheat and bread, today the key to stability in the country and the region is the price of energy.

After the disaster in Japan, the global warming and drastic rise of fuel and oil prices in the world, many entrepreneurs and innovators around the world are searching for alternative energy sources.  At the last decade great effort was made to develop technologies for producing renewable energy.  Results and experimental fieldwork conducted in Israel and abroad indicate that the energy production from sea waves by SDE’s technology cost of 6 cents for 1KW, a significantly lower cost compared to other renewable energy technologies (for example, wind energy - 12 cents, Solar Energy 16 cents).
In addition, SDE’s technology allows an annual output of 65% - significantly higher yield compared to other renewable energies (wind energy - an annual output of 24%, solar energy an annual output of 22%).

In the past, the method of converting sea wave energy into electricity has received the support of the Chief Scientist of Israel Ministry of Industry, certificate No. 23 425, which allowed SDE to build eight models of sea wave power plants.

SDE’s technology was reviewed and approved by the World Bank, and the company has received guarantees for the establishment of sea wave power plants around the world.  SDE, the company that developed the technology and patent holder, has signed agreements for cooperation in countries around the world including Chile, Mexico, Zanzibar, Kenya and China.

Following the success of the new model, SDE is hosting a large number of business delegations from around the world such as energy ministers, governors, and power company executives that want to build a sea wave power plants in their country.

It is important to note that the system developed by SDE has the ability to provide the world energy consumption 500 times.  SDE has registered patents and several patents in the registry.  Up until now, the company established 11 models of sea wave power plants, including the model in China  that was financed by the Chinese government and the current model at the company’s factory in Israel.

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