XIUS-bcgi Becomes One Under XIUS Brand

By Xius-bcgi, PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

WOBURN, Massachusetts, January 11, 2011 - XIUS-bcgi, a leader in delivering innovative telecom solutions for mobile
operators and MVNOs worldwide, today announced that as of January 11, 2011,
the company will launch a single entity and brand under the name of XIUS
(pronounced ZY-us). XIUS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Megasoft Ltd.

XIUS creates scalable and flexible mobile infrastructure and solutions
that allow operators to deliver innovative, differentiated services. XIUS
acquired bcgi in August of 2007 to round out its platform of next-generation,
high value products and services for operators worldwide. With that
acquisition came a breadth of mobile payment, billing and m-commerce
solutions that enable operators to meet subscribers' needs while expanding
their service and solutions offerings with market demand.

"The XIUS brand re-launch demonstrates our commitment to continued focus
on delivery, support and expansion of our core telecom solution offerings and
customer base," said GV Kumar, CEO of XIUS. "In conjunction with the launch
of the new brand, we are pleased to also introduce multiple Innovation Groups
charged with evaluation, incubation and implementation of new solutions in
the areas of Mobile Applications, Near-Field Communications and its
applications in the mobile arena, Pre-Paid Roaming, Mobile Commerce, and
Mobile Advertising. The Innovation Groups are in various stages of maturity
today and are expected to provide the fuel for future growth of the company's
intellectual property and revenues."

XIUS launched a new logo and tagline today to celebrate its new
direction, to signal its continued support to current solutions and
customers, and to share its core values of innovation and leadership in to
the Telecom sector.

Lastly, XIUS also announced its plans to move its India operations to its
new Research & Development Center and Technology Park in Hyderabad, India by
the end of 2011.

For further information, please visit the company's Web site at

About XIUS

XIUS enables mobile operators to differentiate their service through
innovative and end-to-end managed solutions that ensure seamless mobile
transaction management and monetization, optimize operational efficiency and
reduce risk while enhancing the end user mobile experience.

XIUS develops flexible, scalable and robust solutions that enable mobile
operators rapidly deliver differentiated services and gain first mover
advantage, build subscriber loyalty, and sustain leadership.

Pioneers in wireless and signaling technology since 1989, XIUS has an
implementation foot-print across five continents. www.xius.com


    Jim Hunt

Contact: Jim Hunt, XIUS-bcgi, +1-207-632-1916, jhunt at xius-bcgi.com

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