Bigmouthmedia Reports Google Changes Will Make Advertising Attractive for Comparison Sites

By Bigmouthmedia, PRNE
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

EDINBURGH, August 5, 2010 - Bigmouthmedia reports that Google's latest changes to its trademark
policy will make pay-per-click advertising more attractive for comparison

The press conference announcement means that from September 14th 2010 the
UK will now follow Google's existing US AdWords policy, which allows any
advertiser to use trademarked keywords within their advert text in some
cases. Using trademarked terms in advertising copy will remain outlawed in
mainland Europe, but following the rule change keywords will no longer be
protected from others bidding on them.

"Aggregators will now have the ability to use brand names in their
adverts. This is likely to improve their click-through rates and quality
score, and will therefore make it more attractive for such operations to bid
on brand terms," said Lyndsay Menzies, Chief Operations Officer at
bigmouthmedia (

"In the UK the news may have a large impact on brand bids in industries
such as finance, travel and electronics. While advertisers in mainland Europe
will be unable to put trademarked terms in the advertising copy of their
campaigns, the changes are still likely to have a big impact on brand

Bigmouthmedia believes that Google's decision to allow anyone to bid for
trademarked keywords across Europe is widely predicted to lead to price rises
in the markets affected. When this happened in the UK - where the policy
change was first rolled out in 2008 - bidding on some brand terms increased
by as much as 500% in the short term. The hike was relatively short lived
mainly due to British brands' unwillingness to get involved in bidding wars,
although this may not be the case in other European countries and brand
bidding may break out in earnest.

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