New Direction for European Crop Protection

By Ecpa, PRNE
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BRUSSELS, November 10, 2011 -

Pesticide Industry ‘Hungry for Change’

The crop protection industry takes another step toward establishing itself as a valued partner in the pursuit of a more sustainable farming system in Europe.

The ‘Hungry for Change’ conference and exhibition unveils a new direction for ECPA. The fruit of an extensive critical evaluation of the performance and contribution of the industry, the initiative aims to deliver measurable results in the four thematic areas of safeguarding water, the enhancement of biodiversity, the provision of safe and affordable food and the protection of health.

ECPA strategy reflects industry’s ambition to deliver sustainable solutions to contemporary agricultural challenges, such as environmental degradation, climate change, a growing population, and an economy in crisis.

Embracing the concept of an ‘open forum’, the European Crop Protection network (ECPA) is enabling an advisory board of stakeholders, to guide, monitor and validate industry contribution to sustainable agricultural productivity.

Vincent Gros, President of European Crop Protection explained “I believe our industry can continue to make a huge contribution to sustainable agriculture in Europe; however, we recognise that our industry is not always seen as a partner in that pursuit. It’s clear that we need to engage in a different way, we need to be more open and transparent. We will set up measurements to prove that we are moving in the right direction.”

Over the coming years the European Crop Protection Association will work with stakeholders on projects covering the four thematic streams of water, biodiversity, health and food.

ECPA Director, Dr Friedhelm Schmider, concluded “Industry understands society is concerned about the potential impact of crop protection products. Our goal is to ensure best practice on the use of pesticides for sustainable productivity that protects human and environmental health. We are open to hear your ideas to help us deliver a truly sustainable agriculture.”

The European Crop Protection represents the crop protection industry interests at European level. Its members include all major companies and national associations across Europe

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