Singing is Nourishment for Children's Brains

By Il Canto Del Mondo, PRNE
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MÜNSTER, Germany, December 1, 2010 - During the first few years of their lives, children need far more
opportunities to joyful playing singing than are currently provided. This is
the primary conclusion of a comprehensive study involving 500 kindergartens
carried out by Dr. Thomas Blank and Dr. Karl Adamek (University of Münster,
Germany) along with the Münster Public Health Department. In the study, 88%
of children who sang frequently that way were, according to medical findings,
found to be ready for normal schooling, compared to only 44% for children who
sang less often.

For the first time, the study has provided convincing empirical evidence
that joyful playing singing supports the development of kindergarten children
in all physical, mental and social areas to an extent which has been
underestimated. This applies in particular to their speech development,
social behaviour and aggression control. Every child can benefit in many ways
from increased singing, especially children from migratory or uneducated
backgrounds. An explanation for these findings is provided by neurobiological
and physiological studies, which show that singing leads to an increased
production of feel-good hormones and the reduction of aggression hormones.
For this reason, Neurobiology Professor Gerald Hüther describes singing as
"powerful nourishment for children's brains." On the other hand, those who
are not given the opportunity to develop their natural singing ability will
be disadvantaged in life.

All results of this study have been published by Dr. Thomas Blank and Dr.
Karl Adamek in "Singen in der Kindheit - Eine empirische Studie zur
Gesundheit und Schulfähigkeit von Kindergartenkindern und das Canto
elementar Konzept zum Praxistransfer" (Singing in Childhood - An Empirical
Study of Health and School Readiness of Kindergarten Children and the
Elementary Canto Concept for Practical Implementation), Waxmann Verlag
(Münster, Germany). The former Honorary President of the Hamburg University
of Music and Theatre, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Rauhe, describes this book
as a milestone, the results of which should not only provide guidance for
kindergarten teachers, teachers and parents, but should also be viewed as
a positive message during the current education crisis.

Information: Further information and a book overview in german language
are available at

Authors: Dr. Blank ( and Dr. Adamek:
( Tel. +49-251-1365875

Information: Further information and a book overview in german language
are available at Authors: Dr. Blank (thomas.blank at and Dr. Adamek: (adamekk at Tel. +49-251-1365875

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