Mobile Virus 'MMS Bomber' Rampant, Millions of Mobile Phones in China Impacted

By Netqin Mobile Inc., PRNE
Thursday, April 1, 2010

BEIJING, April 2, 2010 - Recently a new mobile virus named "MMS Bomber" has run rampant in China,
and millions of Chinese mobile phones were impacted, reported Beijing
Business News. The National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical
Team/Coordination Center of China has alerted mobile users that the targets
of the virus are mobile devices with S60 3rd OS, mostly Nokia and Samsung

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The virus is disguised as an application; once installed, the virus will
automatically connect to the internet and send MMS containing a malicious URL
to random mobile phone numbers without the user's awareness, and result in
finance losses to mobile users.

The virus was first captured by the Mobile Security Center of NetQin
Mobile Inc., a leading mobile security service provider, in early February.
The company's statistic shows that at least 100,000 mobile phones were
infected up to now. It's notable that the virus has defence mechanisms. Once
infected, the virus will disable the system management program on the mobile
phone, and mobile users will not be able to uninstall the virus, says Dr. Zou
Shihong, Chief Scientist of NetQin. NetQin has now launched the latest Mobile
Anti-virus 3.2 multi-language version for S60 3rd OS, which can scan and
remove the virus successfully. What mobile users need to do is to download
the NetQin Mobile Anti-virus 3.2, install and update to the latest virus
database to get protected.

Gartner reports smart-phones represented 14 percent of total mobile
device sales in 2009, and are predicted to reach 38 percent by 2013;
meanwhile, the mobile application market will reach US$17.5 billion by 2012.
By then, the number of mobile application downloads will have also grown to
nearly 50 billion from just over 7 billion in 2009, according to Chetan
Sharma Consulting latest report. The explosive growth of mobile technology
and applications has made mobile devices an enticing target for hackers and
mobile security threats. As more mobile devices are used to store personal
and professional information, the more they are at risk for security threats.

About NetQin

Founded in Beijing in 2005 and backed by leading venture capital firms
like Seqouia, Mayfield and Fidelity, NetQin delivers complete mobile security
solutions, including anti-virus, anti-spam, and privacy protection, to over
35 million users worldwide. As a leading player in mobile security, NetQin
holds 68% market share in China, and has received several industry awards,
including the 2009 China Frost & Sullivan Award for Mobile Security Market

Extensive partnership has accelerated the growth of NetQin. The company
is the only partner providing anti-spamming service to China Mobile, and is a
close partner of China Unicom. As an important partner to Nokia, NetQin
products are preloaded on all S60 devices sold in China. NetQin works closely
with Huawei mobile software, and has also been recognized as a platinum
partner of the Symbian Foundation.

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